500 gallon propane tank

New Installation

If you are adding a backup generator, or switching completely to propane for home heat, hot water and cooking, your needs can be quite different.  Let us help with the location and style of storage tanks that you need as well as the type of delivery schedule that suits you best.

Upright propane tank

Storage Tanks

You have some choice when it comes to propane storage tanks.  But a lot of decisions are made based on the total load on the propane system and the available locations on your property.  Let us help you decide on the type and number of tanks that your installation needs.

Propane tank gauge

Delivery Schedule

You have several options for scheduling deliveries.

Automatic Fill - The best option for home heating if you leave it to us, we can deliver product based on the weather.

Will Call - You can read the gauge on your tank and call us when you need propane.  Usually just under 30% (see picture)

Remote Monitor - We can install a remote monitor on your tank and keep an eye on the level from anywhere.  You can access the information from an app on your phone and we can see it too and keep the tank full if you wish.  Monitors are available for an extra $10/month.