Farm and Commercial Fuel


Bulk Fuel Delivery

We can deliver Diesel and Gasoline directly to your site.  Give us a call to have Dyed Diesel fuel delivered to your farm, or to your commercial jobsite.  We also sell or lease fuel tanks and pumps and carry spare filters, hoses, nozzles pretty much anything you will need at your site to stay productive.  And we can drop most things off right at the site when we deliver fuel.

Top Tier Diesel

Premium Diesel

We offer several additive packages for your fuel.  We know that some customers prefer to use their own additives, and some like us to take care of that for them.  We can offer many solutions as well as an additive package that qualifies as Top Tier Diesel Fuel which is recommended by many OEM's as the fuel of choice for their new generation of Diesel engines.

Diesel and Gasoline Cardlock

Diesel and Gasoline Cardlock

We also offer a 24 hour cardlock for our commercial customers so you are never without fuel.  When you are an Outram Fuels Cardlock customer you have 24 hour 365 day per year access to both Clear and Dyed Diesel as well as Gasoline.  We can offer multiple card tracking for fleet accounts detailed to make your in house accounting easier.

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Federal Fuel (Carbon) Tax April 1st 2019

The new Federal Fuel Tax comes into effect on April 1st 2019.  Customers who have fuel delivered to their farms for use in equipment used for farming are exempt from this tax if they supply the required completed form to their fuel supplier.  Outram Fuels cannot assist in determining any exemptions.  The best advice for determining whether your operation should be exempt would be your accounting/business management professional.  The tax exemption is provided at time of purchase, but cannot be refunded by Outram Fuels.

For more information, visit the website below. 

For a copy of the Fuel Charge Exemption Certificate for Farmers visit: